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Autism Therapy Belmar NJ

Individual autism therapy plans designed for your child. We are fully licensed and insured to provide the highest quality autism services in Monmouth County and Ocean County.

Kids in Daycare

Autism services with a human touch

At On Board ABA, we take pride in the personal care we put into each program we create. Our autism therapy programs use all of the data and science available, but also include a human element. We understand that each child requires a unique approach to produce the best outcomes. To do that, we take the time to get to know each and every child personally.

Teacher and Pupil

Building skills and achieving milestones

Establish positive behaviors

Increase communication

Develop skills

Autism therapy is rooted in rewarding positive behavior and discouraging atypical behavior. This approach helps children cope with the triggers that cause unwanted behavior. Our programs have set goals and milestones, which incentives children to improve. It also helps to set a roadmap for success, which is easy to monitor and assess.

Our autism therapy programs are designed to:

  • Build social skills

  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Enhance connection with others

  • Develop self-help and play skills

  • Create positive behavioral traits

  • Manage unwanted behaviors

We Offer Multiple Delivery Options

In-Home Autism Therapy

Our In-Home AutismTherapy sessions are delivered at your residence. Our ABA specialists will engage with your child in your house. This approach can increase results, as children generally feel more comfortable interacting at home and can more easily associate correct behavior with the setting where they spend most of their time.

Online Autism Therapy

We understand that in some circumstances, having in-person sessions can be difficult. That is why we also offer Online Autism Therapy sessions. This allows our ABA specialists to deliver the same therapy sessions, but through a communication tool via the internet. This method is the most convenient and flexible option.

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