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Meet the On Board ABA Team

Steve Fortunato, Co-Founder, M.A., BCBA #1-20-41407

Steve is a Licensed Behavior Analyst who has worked in the field of Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis since 2012. He has held numerous positions in the field including Behavior Analyst, Behavior Therapist, Paraprofessional, Instructor, and Crisis Team Coordinator. In 2012 he graduated from King’s College with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Special education, in 2016 he received my Master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Georgian Court University. Steve has a strong passion for helping individuals who may face unique disadvantages and obstacles in their life achieve success. Helping individuals exceed expectations, make strides, and achieve goals is what he sets out to do everyday.


Corey Lavin, Co-Founder, B.A., Special Education Certified K-12

Corey is a certified special education professional for grade levels K-12. He has worked in the field since 2010. He graduated from King’s College in 2010, with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Special Education with a minor in Geography. He is fully committed to helping individuals who face unique obstacles and disadvantages to achieve success and reach their goals and potential. He and Steven have known each other for over 15 years and started On Board ABA with a common goal and passion to help all those in need to succeed and reach their goals. Throughout our many years in the industry we have observed many different techniques and approaches. We take pride in doing things the right way and making sure that all parties involved are on board to do the same.

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